[mythtv-users] sound stops working on fc3/audigy2 machine

John H. mistamaila at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 12 17:18:28 UTC 2004

Ok, a few weeks ago on my fc3 machine, mythtv audio
stopped working.  I found out it was because it was
just w/mp3 codec, and because I allowed xmms-mp3 to be
updated with livna sources.

I backed out, and it fixed it.

I rebooted today, and since then the audio has stopped
working again.  I think something may have been
upgraded by up2date or whatever.  All the mixer stiff
is fine, if i try tvtime, it lets me watch tv fine,
previously recorded mythtv shows are fine...
it's just mythtv, with or without mp3 audio codec.

I just added atrpms sources for fc3 and am upgraded
mythtv and all other previous fc2 rpms to fc3, and
STILL all I hear is a slight background noise when I
watch mythtv.


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