[mythtv-users] New Australian XMLTV grabber

Paul Andreassen paulx at andreassen.com.au
Sun Dec 12 15:02:49 UTC 2004

Hi Rob,

Here is a foxtel grabber from Mark.  He sent it to me awhile ago because
he isn't on the myth-user mail list.


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> From: Mark Spieth <mspieth at dclabs.com.au>
> To: paulx at andreassen.com.au
> Subject: update to ninemsn grabber
> Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 14:49:31 +1100
> also a foxtel with conf one that grabs from www.foxtel.tv
> which works ok. can get listing a whole month ahead.
> conf is extension of d1 conf file to allow mapping of unknown d1
> also since main and adult are same in analog, a special case for
> multichannels.  takes about 20 min for a month of progs.
> post if you like. too many posts on users for me so only on dev. thus
> send it to you.
> may be able to parallelize gets too.
> I run them both after d1 fetch in cron so that if these fail at least
> have something.
> cheers
> mark

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# tv_grab_au 0.6 config file
region Melbourne
service foxtel
# "channel name" and "frequency" can be changed to suit
# [+yes/-no] [channel ID] [channel name] [frequency]
+channel foxtel.australia.Animal "Animal Planet" 15
+channel foxtel.australia.Antenna "Antenna Pacific" 52
+channel foxtel.australia.Arena "Arena TV" 22
+channel foxtel.australia.BBC "BBC World" 37
+channel foxtel.australia.Bloomber "Bloomberg TV" "Bloomberg Television"
+channel foxtel.australia.Cartoon "Cartoon Network" 28
+channel foxtel.australia.CNBC "CNBC Australia" 38
+channel foxtel.australia.CNN "CNN" 36
+channel foxtel.australia.Com "The Comedy Channel" 25
+channel foxtel.australia.Disc "Discovery Channel" 19
+channel foxtel.australia.Disney "Disney Channel" 27
+channel foxtel.australia.EPG "Program Guide" 13
+channel foxtel.australia.ESPN "ESPN" 16
+channel foxtel.australia.FFC "FOX Footy Channel" 14
+channel foxtel.australia.FOX "FOX8" 8
+channel foxtel.australia.FoxCLA "FOX Classics" 6
+channel foxtel.australia.FoxFNC "FOX News" 35
+channel foxtel.australia.FoxFS1 "FOX Sports" 11
+channel foxtel.australia.FoxHST "The History Channel" 17
+channel foxtel.australia.FoxMAE "Main Event/Adult/FTV" "Adults Only"
+channel foxtel.australia.FoxMAE "Main Event/Adult/FTV" "Main Event"
+channel foxtel.australia.FoxMMX "musicMAX" "MAX"
+channel foxtel.australia.FoxSH2 "Showtime 2" 33
+channel foxtel.australia.FoxSP2 "FOX Sports 2" 12
+channel foxtel.australia.Hall "Hallmark" 24
+channel foxtel.australia.Lifes "Lifestyle Channel" "The LifeStyle Channel"
+channel foxtel.australia.Movie1 "Movie One" 29
+channel foxtel.australia.MovieEx "Movie Extra" 30
+channel foxtel.australia.MovieGr "Movie Greats" 31
+channel foxtel.australia.MTV "MTV" 45
+channel foxtel.australia.NatGe "National Geographic" "National Geographic Channel"
+channel foxtel.australia.Nick "Nickelodeon" 5
+channel foxtel.australia.Ovation "Ovation" 26
+channel foxtel.australia.RAI "RAI International" 51
+channel foxtel.australia.Red "Channel [V]" 43
+channel foxtel.australia.Show "Showtime" 3
+channel foxtel.australia.ShowGreats "Showtime Greats" 4
+channel foxtel.australia.SkyNews "Sky News" "Sky News Australia"
+channel foxtel.australia.SkyRa "Sky Racing" 50
+channel foxtel.australia.TCM "TCM" 32
+channel foxtel.australia.TV1 "TV1" 1
+channel foxtel.australia.TVSN "TVSN" 49
+channel foxtel.australia.UKTV "UKTV" 20
+channel foxtel.australia.W "W" 23
+channel foxtel.australia.Weather "The Weather Channel" 40
+channel foxtel.australia.wmov "World Movies" 42
+channel foxtel.Melbourne.10 "Network TEN" 10
+channel foxtel.Melbourne.2 "ABC Victoria" 2
+channel foxtel.Melbourne.7 "Channel Seven" 7
+channel foxtel.Melbourne.9 "Channel Nine" 9
+channel foxtel.Melbourne.SBS "SBS" 41
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