[mythtv-users] Successful Aussie Commercial Detection ?

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Sat Dec 11 22:13:02 UTC 2004

> On Sat, 2004-12-11 at 09:06, David Johnstone wrote:
> > Any experiences out there from Australian users on which commercial
> > detection scheme works best ? I turned off commercial detection a while
> > back in frustration but now I'm getting weary pulling commercials out by
> > hand.
> Hi David,
> I've also turned off commercial detection.  Have you noticed the line on
> the top left of the screen, it maybe the reason the detection methods
> don't work.  If we remove it then blank frame detection may work.
> Paul

I've made a few improvements in the current detection code in my source tree,
one of those being the fact that it ignores the outer 20 pixels.  I've
sped up blank-frame detection and made it true "blank" vs "black" as it
was previously.  Do your recordings have blank frames at all between
commercials or commercials & the show?  I'm currently working on an
"all methods" detection method.  It isn't based on exact commercial
lengths as the current blank-frame detection code is, it instead looks
at blocks of video (separated by blank frames) and gives each one a score
based on various things.  It seems to be working a bit better on the 10 or
so shows I'm testing with currently.  The code also handles detecting blank
frames as truly blank even if a logo is present.  I hope to have this
code in CVS in a week or so.  Still doing some final testing on it before I
start to run it on my production Myth setup, then once it's run there for
a while and seems to be OK, I'll commit the code to CVS.

Do either of you run CVS?  If so, I could supply a patch against current
CVS for you to give a shot to see if it helps.


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