[mythtv-users] NEW - BIG PROBLEM! Watching LiveTV is very slow

Franco mythtv at email.it
Sat Dec 11 21:52:40 UTC 2004

> So it takes 5 sec. to change the channel!!

It happens to mee, too (PVR350 PAL) It's very annoying and makes
not that good impression when I try to demonstrate myth to people... :-(

> we never use Myth to watch LiveTV
> The whole idea behind a PVR
> is that you let it record stuff

What? Hey, come on! :-) Myth is _JUST_ a PVR ? :-)))
Maybe in its initial idea... isn't myth meant to be the "MYTHical
convergence box" ?? (I read it somtimes ago on this list)
It has DVD/CD playing capabilities, a web surfing module,
and even a weather module and a game modeule!! :-)
That's not at all a PVR!! :-) It's a multi-purpouse box 
which you can use for doing anything... :-)
and as it has a TV tuner inside it must certainly allow
to pleasantly watch live TV! :-)

Also he was describing what happens when you click
the "WATCH TV" button. When you press a button labeled like
that, you are just supposed to get live-TV functionality!! :-)
Not PVR functionality! :-)

IMPORTANT NOTE: I NEVER recorded anything with myth.
The xml stuff/mythfilldatabase is not working for Italy
and the REC button on the haupppage remote has no effect.
I couldn't record stuff even if I wanted to.

My usage of myth (when I'm not getting mad with configuration) is:

90% "DVD Jukebox"
 8% CD listening
 2% playing with the other options....

These percents could change a little if live TV was more
pleasant to use... 


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