[mythtv-users] Choppy Video in mythfrontend, but not in xawtv

Tom Williams twilliams at iasl.com
Sat Dec 11 20:55:15 UTC 2004

Hi All,


I am new to MythTv, but I have setup a RH9 box the details are below.
Here is what I am dealing with when I launch xawtv it seems fine the
video is smooth no big issues there, when I fire up mythfrontend, and
try to watch the video it seems very choppy, audio is out of sync...any



RH 9

ATI Wonder VE - Comp. Input

ATI Radeon AGP (installed with the ati drivers from their site)

100Gig Drive,

500Meg Ram


Any thoughts or things I can look at, when I look at 'top' the CPU is
just getting nailed when mythfront is running I have even tried things
like renice -20 on the front end but still no luck...any help would be
greatly appreciated.


I am willing to upgrade the capture card if that is the issue but I need
to know that before I spend the $$ money..




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