[mythtv-users] RAID5 ATA IDE hardware card recommendations for mythbackend machine

Nate Carlson natecars at natecarlson.com
Fri Dec 10 21:59:51 UTC 2004

yOn Thu, 9 Dec 2004, John Patrick Poet wrote:
> I possibly more dangerous solution:
> http://unthought.net/raidreconf/

I gave this a shot yesterday to add a 5th 160gb disk to a RAID5 array; it 
took about 10 hours, looked like it was working, failed at the end, and 
killed my data. Ah well! Gave me a chance to set up LVM to split up my dvd 
collection and recorded tv. Now, just need to get the dead 160gb drive 
RMA'd, and add the 6th drive..

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