[mythtv-users] commercial auto skip broken/bug in 0.16

Shawn Kwang skwang at hep.uchicago.edu
Fri Dec 10 17:53:33 UTC 2004

In version 0.16 the auto-skip feature does not work correctly (for me).

     Although commercial detection and commercial flagging works nearly 
flawlessly.  After the show is recorded I can use the "skip next 
commercial break marker" key to skip through commercials.  I prefer that 
commercials are automatically skipped so I selected that feature.

     During playback the first commercial break is detected and 
automatically skipped.  Subsequent commercial flags are ignored.  I can 
sitll use manaully skip the commercials if I wish.

     However, if I rewind/fastfowrward/pause/etc. the playback, the next 
commercial flag will be automatically skipped.  This seems to indicate 
some flag is not reset at the end of a commercial skip but is reset after 
the rewind/fastfoward/pauce/etc.

     I know if at least one other person who has experienced this behavior, 
and am wondering 1) if anyone else has and 2) if it is a legitimate bug 
can it be fixed?

Shawn Kwang

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