[mythtv-users] Frequencies]

Robert myth at robertc.de
Fri Dec 10 03:09:56 UTC 2004

I already tried that option.  The problem seems to be that the tuner
(TCL2002N) isn't fully supported yet.  There was a suggestion over on the
Video4Linux list to modify tuner.c but the version of ivtv (0.2) that I
have doesn't have tuner.c.

The card setup has been confirmed with ivtcl (0.2 replacement for
test_ioctl).  If I start MythTV and then go into a terminal window I can
run ptune.pl there and pass a frequency number that I have previously
determined will be on a channel.  MythTV then shows that video/audio
perfectly.  Based on that I think that the card is set correctly but the
tuner is getting tuned incorrectly.  When the driver loads at boot it is
setting the correct tuner type.

> Robert wrote:
>>Yea.. but does not solve my problem.   The Tuner in my PVR-250 does tune
to the correct frequency based on normal channel numbers.  I need to be
able to control the frequency that is passed to the tuner... In other
words, I need to  have a Custom Channel to frequency table.  OR buy an
older PVR 250 with a better supported tuner.
> Check the documentation:
> http://mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-9.html#ss9.4
> Note the section on the --xawchannels option to mythfilldatabase.  Also,
I posted this just two days ago to the list in answer to another
question about finetuning so you might try searching the list archives
before posting.
> Kevin
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