[mythtv-users] Frequencies

Robert myth at robertc.de
Fri Dec 10 02:28:06 UTC 2004

Yea.. but does not solve my problem.   The Tuner in my PVR-250 does tune
to the correct frequency based on normal channel numbers.  I need to be
able to control the frequency that is passed to the tuner... In other
words, I need to  have a Custom Channel to frequency table.  OR buy an
older PVR 250 with a better supported tuner.


> Usually all you need to do is make sure that frequid is set properly and
> that chanid selects the right tuner.
> For instance,  I used to use input 2 for direct tv and input 1 for
> antenna.
> The local guide for my area had NBC on channel 5 but it actually came
> in much better on channel 30.   All I had to do was update frequid to 30
> for chanid 1005.
> Telemundo was received via antenna but didn't have channel guides.   All
> I had to do was change chanid from 2369 (or whatever it was) to 1369 and
> set freqid to 49 (the local channel).
> clear? ;)

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