[mythtv-users] Impossible to choose Motherboard?

Craig Read craigread at csi.com
Fri Dec 10 01:34:12 UTC 2004

Kyle Rose wrote:

>>With digital output on the motherboard, there's really no reason to
>>add a sound card if you're using SD MPEG-2 hardware compression or
>>HD capture cards.
>Unless your motherboard's digital out is b0rk3d, like the one in the
>Abit IC7-MAX3. :P  At least I managed to get all 5 PCI slots working
>and could therefore install a working SB Live.
That's the main reason why I chose a nForce2 chip set.  From what I'd 
read on the various boards, the nForce chip sets have the best support 
amongst the various on-board peripheral chip sets.

>Just want to warn people to be careful about the motherboards with
>integrated X/Y/Z they choose for HTPC's.
Doing some research never hurts.  I think I made good choices on all my 
components except the tuner card (Twinhan VP took a lot of work to get 
going the first time and doesn't have the best tuner) and the case 
(Cooler master Cavalier looks good if you're into retro, but it's noisy 
and the blue power LED is too bright for a living room).


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