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Allan Stirling Dibblahmythml0015 at pendor.org
Thu Dec 9 22:51:56 UTC 2004

Darren wrote:
> On Wed, 2004-12-08 at 02:53 +0000, Allan Stirling wrote:
>>I'm now switching across to a dual Sky 
>>(Digital satellite) Myth box, after having played with Myth for a while 
>>as a 'test' platform.
> An aside here, I noticed you talking about a dual Sky option. I am probably going to be 
> moving to Germany in the near future meaning sky is going to be one of the few options
> available to me. So I am quite curious about what you wrote. Is there such a thing as a dual tuner box
> or will you just be joining two boxes together ?
> (I have a three way DVB solution based on Nebula cards at the moment)
> If you have time and motivation, could you say a little bit more about how your intending to hang all 
> this together, such as capture cards and IR control of the Sky box.

I've now had 2 questions like this, so I'll CC the list for interest.

I've owned a Tivo for a while now. It has certain problems occasionally 
changing channel (I was using Telewest as a provider for the Tivo). I've 
  always found IR changers at best picky, at worst unreliable. I 
recently found this web page:


(Thanks, Steve!)

The RFLinks are quite expensive, but well worth it for reliable channel 

Sky (If you subscribe to one of the premium packages) is offering Sky+ 
for 99 UKP with no ongoing fee (as long as you agree to keep it 
connected to a phone line, but noone's been cut off for this that I've 
been able to find). The reason for using a Sky+ box instead of Sky is 
it's SVideo output - Normal sky boxes only have RGB, and it's not easy 
to capture that without additional spending, and the only other option 
is Composite (ugh)

So, I ordered the 'Multiroom' option. This gives you two boxes. One is 
currently a Sky, one a Sky+.

As an aside, I'm _very_ disappointed with the video quality using the 
CX8800 cards that I have while using composite. Therefore, I'm probably 
going to upgrade the Sky box to Sky+.

As a seperate aside, does anyone know the native resolution used on Sky?



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