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Markus Buchanan markusb at netspace.net.au
Thu Dec 9 22:29:49 UTC 2004

just out of interest, what are your system date and time set to?

Looks like they are set to sometime in january next year.

Brian LeFevre wrote:

> Sorry to flame but I hate this discussion....(maybe it is because my 
> thoughts are the one that always lose.)
> I don't like to crowd my inbox (at the ISP).  I am obliged to download 
> once a day (which is sometimes not likeley).  I have noticed it is a 
> pain in the butt to answer to digest mode.
> So I am stuck downloading hundreds of emails a night just so I can 
> find one I am remotely interested in posting to.  I often do search 
> through gossamer threads but I do not have my email account there 
> where I search and I cannot reply to the things then.
> Most forums remember your passwords.  Most forums are as easy or even 
> easier to read than threaded mode in Thunderbird (threads are not 
> occasionaly broken).  Many inportant forums have been around for over 
> 7 years.  How much of that  information is worth anything is a 
> question to many.  How many "I can't get sound threads" do we need!
> Another thing.  Why do people respond "that is in the FAQ" instead of 
> saying "that is already covered in the faq but here is the answer"?  
> It takes about the same amount of time for you to answer (especially 
> if you already know the answer)  Don't waste my bandwidth!!!!  same 
> goes for "can't wait to see your patch"  It makes you look like 
> elitist snobs. And I believe you are not.  You are trying to help.  If 
> people would learn to help themselves it would all be better.
> I hate hearing email lists are easier for me.  Because for me they are 
> not easier they are a pain in the butt!  The "for me" excuse doesn't 
> cut it.
> ---now that I got that off my shoulders....
> if gossamer threads did allow login and posting that would solve all 
> of our problems.  That would be the better for everybody solution.  
> You can have your email and we can have forum!!!!!
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