[mythtv-users] Component video adapters

Mike Isely isely at isely.net
Thu Dec 9 21:04:57 UTC 2004

On Thu, 9 Dec 2004, Nathan Jones wrote:

> I might switch to an nvidia card when I upgrade my mythbox, as I've
> heard of some people having more luck with various modelines than with
> ATI.  But I haven't gotten around to it just yet.
> Anyways, hope you enjoy it!  (and don't blow up your TV!)

I sure *hope* I don't fry the TV - it's a Sony 36" (290 pound!) WEGA CRT
flat screen capable of 1080i.  I got it a few years ago for way too much
money and I will be one unhappy camper if I damage it!

I've only been working on this mythtv stuff for a few weeks. I know I have
*long* way to go before I get something truly useful here, but I'm trying
to plan things out carefully.  I've been a Linux user for 10 years now and
know my way around it fairly well.  What got me interested here in mythtv
was a combination of things.  My old Panasonic VCR died a month ago (the
thing dates back to 1989 and even survived Y2K).  While looking for a new
one I noticed how cheap DVD recorders are now - then next to that I saw
one of the combo TiVO+DVD recorders for $400.  But then while salivating
over that I remembered the slashdot thread in early November about the new
pchdtv card (which I guess sold out within a day of first shipment), and
further research into that reminded me about Mythtv.  I started reading up
on it and suddenly realized I could build something far better than can be
bought.  Plus (hopefully) I'll get a true HDTV out of it too, since I
never got the overpriced tuner when I bought that Sony HDTV monitor.

Since then I've been on a crash course learning about video4linux, mythtv,
TV tuner / capture issues in Linux, component video, IrDA in Linux,
mini-ITX formfactor systems, Shuttle HTPCs, etc.  I had no idea there was
such a following in this already.  I certainly have no illusions that
everything is going to magically work; there are a lot of problems yet
that I have to understand and solve.  For example, it looks like handling
anamorphic video is going to be a pain.  But I have been gathering up the
parts.  I've already gotten mythtv working on my general-purpose desktop
system just as a test.  And just last night I brought to life a new 2.4GHz
P4 system built around a Shuttle SB61G2V3 - which will be dedicated for
mythtv use.  It has an embedded Intel "extreme" graphics controller which
I *hope* will be fast enough for HDTV rendering but I suspect it won't be.
(But I already have an nvidia FX5200 class AGP card ready to go as a

Sorry for running on there...  Anyway, I hope not to damage my TV :-)


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