[mythtv-users] NEW - BIG PROBLEM! Watching LiveTV is very slow !!!!!

Josh Burks dotnofoolin at gmail.com
Thu Dec 9 15:17:36 UTC 2004

The 2 second delay you are having while using LiveTV is caused by the
ringbuffer. Each time you start/stop LiveTV or change the channel,
Myth has to recreate a 2 second buffer for the
pause/rewind/fast-forward functionality to work as it should. I'm not
sure what's causing the other 3 second delay. Your system seems
powerful enough for a fairly useable Myth system.

On another note, LiveTV is great but most of us users have gotten so
much recorded that we never use Myth to watch LiveTV, we just watch
our previous recordings (which are usually set up on weekly/daily



On Thu, 9 Dec 2004 14:43:22 +0100, Christopher Böhm
<webmaster at drk-solms.de> wrote:
> Hello out there,
> i hope someone here can help me.
> First i must say: "i love mythtv", its very nice, but there are 3 BIG
> If I am in the main-menu and i wanna watch liveTV i clicked the button "TV"
> and then there is 2 sec. only a black screen, then there comes a slow
> picture without sound, and then after 3 more seconds there will be pictures
> in normal speed with sound! So it takes about 5 sec. to watch LiveTV. This
> can't be normal or? When I'm using VDR there is no gap, i can watch tv
> without waiting!
> Same Problem as above. If I'm watching LiveTV and wanna switch to another
> channel, i press CH+ ... then 2 sec.  nothing happends, then there is 3 sec.
> a slow picture without sound, and then after 5 sec. there is a picture with
> normal speed and sound! So it takes 5 sec. to change the channel!! This
> can't be normal, with TVTime oder VDR it take less then 1 second, why take's
> it so long in mythtv??
> When i wanna switch to the programm-guide (from Watching LiveTV oder from
> the menu, problem is the same) i have a lag of 10 sec. !!!!!!!!!! This will
> mean, when i watch livetv and press the button to show the programm-guide,
> nothing happends for 10 sec.!!! I only see the normal LiveTV and after 10
> sec. mythtv is switching to the programm-guide, the same if i press
> programm-guide in the main-menu. it take always about 10 sec.!!! Why is this
> so?
> So, now my questions! How can i change this things? Is this a general
> Problem of mythtv? Or must i change the settings somewhere?
> Before you ask, here is my hardware:
> Athlon 1100XP, 512 MB RAM, 70 GB HD (udma5 mode is set!!!) & 200 GB (udma
> set too, so both HD's can't be faster, so dont say use HDPARM, i do!!),
> Geforce4MX graphic-Card 32MB, WinTV Nexus-s DVB-Card (full-featured card
> with decoder onboard), SB Live! 5.1. Software is Fedora Core 2, and mythtv
> 0.16 via yum!
> So please tell me whats wrong here! With this lags of 5 and 10 seconds its
> no fun to watch live tv!!! With other tools such as tvtime or vdr there are
> no lags, why they are here? Or is my hardware to slow?? don't think so,
> because i have a full-featured dvb card!
> Hmmm, please help me!
> Eine Antwort in deutsch wäre noch besser, da ich aus Deutschland komme.
> Thank to all
> Chris
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