[mythtv-users] RAID5 ATA IDE hardware card recommendations formythbackend ma

travis eddy boscotwo at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 9 01:36:53 UTC 2004

i've been useing software raid 5 for a while, the only time i had a serious 
problem was when my ide controall card when it took my two drives with 
it..... so now i have 3 drives and 3 controller cards :-)  its great to i 
loose a drive about once a year ( i'm not longer buying WD i think i am 
going to start going with maxtors ) and i can just buy a new drive plug it 
in a run 'mdadm --manage /dev/md0 --add /dev/hd<drive letter>' and an hour 
or so later its up to full power....

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>Yes move the disks to another machine and reboot.
>Bryan Brannigan wrote:
>>What is the reliability of software RAID in the event of a motherboard
>>failure?  Will I be able to recover my array?
>>Can I add drives to the array later?
>>On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 13:44:28 -0900, John Andersen
>><jsa at video.homelinux.org> wrote:
>>>On Tuesday 07 December 2004 12:51, Andrew Plumb wrote:
>>>>Hi Everyone,
>>>>For those who do use hardware RAID5 cards for ATA IDE drives, which
>>>>cards have you (not) had success with, for use in a mythtvbackend
>>>>machine?  Or in any Linux-based machine for that matter?
>>>>I'm pondering picking up something like a Promise FastTrak SX4000.
>>>Why bother.  Software raid easily outperforms any of these
>>>raid cards,  Its Robust, Mature, Universally Supported, Open Source
>>>and highly configurable.
>>>Oh, and did I say ROCK SOLID?
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