[mythtv-users] Need some help with unknown errors

Mitko Haralanov voidtrance at comcast.net
Thu Dec 9 00:46:09 UTC 2004

On Wed, 8 Dec 2004 11:57:52 -0800
Geoff Scott <geoff.scott.mail at gmail.com> wrote:

> By any chance have you updated from 0.15.1 to 0.16 recently?

That is exactly what I upgraded from - 0.15.1 to 0.16.
Could you, please, send me the SQL command to alter the tables? I have
not messed with SQL for a while and it would take me some time.


P.S. Did you have a problem with automatic transcoding before you fixed
the tables?

Mitko Haralanov
voidtrance at comcast dot net

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