[mythtv-users] 2.4 or 2.6 kernel?

Mike Frisch mfrisch at isurfer.ca
Wed Dec 8 20:29:26 UTC 2004

I am running Gentoo w/MythTV frontend/backend on minimal hardware
(Celeron 800 or 867 overclocked to 1200) and am curious which kernel
might provide better performance?

Are there any unofficial/third-party kernel patches that would make
either kernel perform better than stock?  I am currently running
gentoo-dev-sources.  I know the nitro patches exist, but it had issues
with lirc or something else when I tried nitro-2.6.9-r4.

Any hardcore tweakers want to share some secrets?

HW: Celeron 1200, 384MB RAM, ATI Rage 128 AGP, 7200rpm HD, etc.


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