[mythtv-users] TV Playback distorted (multiple displays)

Dan Boger mythtv at peeron.com
Wed Dec 8 18:36:21 UTC 2004

This is a weird problem in an unusual configuration, but maybe someone
can help.

I have myth set up as our main TV viewing device in our living room -
hooked up to the TV, usual setup.  One master backend/frontend, and
another slave backend on one of the servers.

So far so good.

I also want to run a frontend on my desktop occasionally.  Here's where
things get weird.

Used to be able to just run mythfrontend in a window, and everything
would work.  But I have just set up my machine to run X over two
monitors, and now, when I start mythfrontend, the menus are still ok (in
the 720x480 window), but when I start playback, there's wide bands of
black at the top and bottom - like I'm viewing a widescreen capture in
my 4:3 window.  Of course, the feed is 4:3, and when I play it back in
mplayer it shows up correctly.  

Any suggestions on what is wrong, or how to fix it?  I even tried having
the playback go in full screen mode, but then it tries to cover both
monitors, but the picture is only showing up on one - distorted (I'm
guessing that's because XV can't display on both monitors at once?  Just
a guess).

The video card is ATI 9800, running in "big desktop" mode on XF86 on

Any hints would be very welcome!



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