[mythtv-users] Dell OptiPlex for Myth front-end

David Levine curiouskangaroo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 8 18:08:32 UTC 2004

Khanh, Chris, and Christopher - thanks for all of the Dell/GX
information.  Useful data!

David - I've certainly been interested in the MediaMVP.  The price is
definitely right.  However, at this point I'm finding myself using a
lot of Myth functions that aren't currently supported by the mvpmc
project, so for now I need to wait.

Jon - For the most part, I'm happy with the XBox front-end.  At $100,
it would definitely be a good buy (where did you hear that rumor?). 
However, it isn't perfect: I've got a v1.6 box, which doesn't support
overscan adjusting yet; my IR dongle occassionally dies for no
apparent reason; the GUI isn't as "snappy" as on a regular PC.  But,
that being said, for the price it is pretty darn good.


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