[mythtv-users] Dell OptiPlex for Myth front-end

Jon Bauerle mythtv at crescendodfw.com
Wed Dec 8 16:39:08 UTC 2004

Rumor has it that the XBox is going to drop to $100.  Wouldn't that be 
the best bang for the buck, even if you don't use it for a game system? 
  And, there's something to be said for hardware consistency.

How do you like using an xbox as a front end?  I'm considering turning 
mine into one.

On Dec 7, 2004, at 3:43 PM, David Levine wrote:

> Hi, all.  I currently have an "under the stairs" MythTV backend (dual
> PVR250 tuners), and a single XBox front-end in the living room.  I'm
> thinking about a second front-end in the bedroom, however I was
> thinking about a small form factor PC instead of another XBox.
> At work, I have a (small form factor) Dell OptiPlex GX260 on my desk,
> and it is VERY quiet (at least as heard in my office, to my ears).  So
> of course, it seems like it would make a good front-end.  It's way
> overpowered for a Myth front-end, of course, and it's a bit more than
> I'm looking to spend.  However, I see quite a few older small form
> factor OptiPlex GX models available cheaply, used, online.  Does
> anyone know if the older models were just as quiet?  I read online
> that the GX50 line didn't have an AGP slot (so if you wanted to add an
> after-market video card instead of the onboard video, you were stuck
> with PCI).  But I'm not sure about other GX models.  I don't do HDTV,
> just SDTV, so I can go for a fairly old machine, I think, without
> worrying about being underpowered.  Cheap and quiet are my watchwords!
> And, of course, if anyone is actually using a GX, I'd love to hear 
> about it.
> Thanks,
> David
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