[mythtv-users] Dual tuners with different channels

Tom E. Craddock, Jr. sigtom at sigtom.com
Wed Dec 8 09:23:19 UTC 2004

Martin Bene wrote:

>>> 2. I want dual tuners, but don't want to hassle with 2 boxes. If I 
>>> connect a digital box with an IR blaster (giving me channels 2-78 
>>> analog, and 100-300+ digital), and I have a second tuner card with 
>>> just analog cable (2-78) coming in, can MythTV be configured to 
>>> handle this? Recording digital channels would need to default to the 
>>> first tuner, but the first tuner would also need to be able to 
>>> record analog stations, in the event that 2 analog stations needed 
>>> to be recorded at the same time. I understand that I cannot have 
>>> dual tuners on digital stations. This is ok, as I record very little 
>>> from the digital stations.
> I'm using a somewhat similar setupwith mythtv 0.16: I've got two 
> (DVB-S) sat receiver cards; both connected to the same dish. Both can 
> receive the free channels, but only one has a CAM Module for premiere 
> pay tv.
> Setup
> 1st card (DVB-0) ==> Card without crypto.
> 2nd card (DBV-1) ==> Card with crypto.
> 1st video source ==> free channels
> 2nd video source ==> pay-tv
> Usig the gui, you can only enter a single cardinput for each card - 
> internaly myth is just fine with multiple entries however; you just 
> have to add them manually.
> Card1 ==> free channels
> Card2 ==> free channels
> Card2 ==> pay tv
> Having the "free only" card first makes it the default, so it gets 
> used first for channels it can handele and leaves the 2nd card free to 
> handle concurrent requests for pay tv channels.
> Setup works just fine for scheduled recordings; watching live tv gives 
> some trouble however - if life tv starts un the 1st card it won't 
> switch to a pay-tv channel on the other card (channel number just gets 
> ignored). I have to manually witch reciecver cards to get to the pay 
> tv channels. Then again, I find I don't really watch life tv anyway 
> given the recording capabilities of the myth system.
> Bye, martin
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Im with Bright House Networks in Florida, USA, use to be Time Warner, 
and periodically they do update the firmware and the box will end up in 
the off state. That usually happens so late tho, 2 or 3 AM, that Im 
either alseep and not recording anything at that time, or Im just 
comming home and Im gonna watch TV anyways, so I turn it on.  I wouldnt 
let this one thing keep you from using MythTV.  How often do you get 
updates? Daily/weekly?  I get it maybe once a month or so...so its not 
THAT big of a deal, plus Im not recording any infomercials that are 
usually on at that time anyways.  I cant think of one instance in over a 
year of using MythTV with my Cable Box that Ive had an issue with the 
box being off as a result of a firmware upgrade.  Now, power outages and 
hurricanes, yes they have all killed the power to my cable box/mythtv 
box plenty of times in the last year and I think that I missed a few 
shows.....but when your worried about hurricane #4 hitting you, you 
kinda loose perspective on using MythTV hehe.

Tom E. Craddock, Jr
sigtom at sigtom.com

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