[mythtv-users] Use mplayer for watching recordings?

Mark Wormgoor mark at wormgoor.com
Wed Dec 8 07:51:17 UTC 2004


>> Would it be possible to use mplayer for playing back recordings, instead
>> of the buildin player?
>> The reason is, that if I record something, mythtv can't play it back,
>> without cracking it up. But, mplayer can play it just perfect. So, it
>> would be nice to use mplayer instead of the buildin.
>> The same with watching live TV
> That's very odd. What TV card and driver are you using?

I have also seen multiple cases where mplayer will play a video better
than mythtv, but mostly sound related:
- if I use the nvsound module, mplayer and xine will play just fine, but
  mythtv needs constant prebuffering pauses

- I have a custom .asoundrc that works great with xine and mplayer, but will
  simply crash mythtv when I set it to use Alsa.

(Disclaimer: I haven't looked at code yet!)  Isn't it possible to use
either one to playback the recordings and the music?  Having a single
configuration for mplayer or xine (which have a lot more configuration
options for sound, image, etc. than mythtv) would be a very nice feature.

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