[mythtv-users] Inverted colors on remote frontend

Scott Alfter mythtv at salfter.dyndns.org
Wed Dec 8 06:28:55 UTC 2004

Now that I have Linux installed alongside WinXP on one of my other
computers, I figured I'd throw mythfrontend on it to watch recordings made
on the MythTV box.  The Myth box is configured with a couple of MPEG
encoders (a PVR350 and an M179) and is hooked to an LCD HDTV monitor through
a generic GeforceFX 5200.  It works fine; TV looks pretty good on it.

The remote frontend drives a 19" monitor through an All-In-Wonder Radeon. 
Both it and the Myth box run the same version of Linux (2.6.9), the same
version of X (X.Org 6.8.0), the same distro (Gentoo), and the same
mythfrontend (0.16).  The remote frontend connects to the backend without
any problems.  When I play a recording or watch live TV on the remote
frontend, though, the colors are inverted.  It's not a negative image; it
looks like the Cb & Cr components are getting swapped somewhere.  Even the
OSD is affected (like when you scan forward and backward through the video;
the box in the upper right is red instead of blue).  Is there a setting
somewhere that I missed?

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