[mythtv-users] Dual tuners with different channels

Randy Carpenter mythtv at rune.net
Tue Dec 7 22:12:57 UTC 2004

> >>1. Is there a way for MythTV to detect if the cable box power is on, and 
> >>turn it on if necessary? Simply leaving the cable box on all the time is 
> >>not necessarily an option, as sometimes the cable company uploads firmware 
> >>upgrades, and that causes the box to reboot, and sometimes shutdown.
> >>    
> >>
> It can't necessarily detect if the cable box is on.  Does your cable box 
> have descrete codes for turning on and off or just a toggle code.  If 
> descrete, you could just send the power on command as part of your 
> channel changing script.

No discrete code is available. If there is no way to tell what the state 
of power is, then I might be out of luck, and not able to even use MythTV. 
I will be stuck with the crappy cable DVR (yuck).  How do others deal with 
this issue with cable boxes and satellite receivers?

> >>2. I want dual tuners, but don't want to hassle with 2 boxes. If I connect 
> >>a digital box with an IR blaster (giving me channels 2-78 analog, and 
> >>100-300+ digital), and I have a second tuner card with just analog cable 
> >>(2-78) coming in, can MythTV be configured to handle this? Recording 
> >>digital channels would need to default to the first tuner, but the first 
> >>tuner would also need to be able to record analog stations, in the event 
> >>that 2 analog stations needed to be recorded at the same time. I 
> >>understand that I cannot have dual tuners on digital stations. This is ok, 
> >>as I record very little from the digital stations.

> Yes, this can be done.  One caveat, if you are using DataDirect you will 
> probably need to create two lineups.  One for the analog channels and 
> one for the digital channels.  You may need to use different zipcodes 
> (just use the next closest zip code to you) in order to create two cable 
> lineups.

There are 2 separate lineups for my cable company for digital, and 
non-digital, so that should not be an issue.  Is MythTV smart enough to 
handle the 2 different lineups? For example, if it needs to record an 
analog station, and a digital station, will it know to use the analog-only 
tuner for the analog station and the digital for the digital station?

There are many scenarios I can think of that could seriously confuse the 
software, since there are different channels on each tuner.


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