[mythtv-users] Lightweight window manager recommendation

Cory Papenfuss papenfuss at juneau.me.vt.edu
Tue Dec 7 16:45:44 UTC 2004

> I have been using ratpoison for about a week and there's one annoying
> thing I can't seem to fix.  There is a small blue line on the right
> side and
> the top of the image.  I tried adjusting the overscan and the position
> of the
> window with no luck.  Is there some setting, either in MYth or
> Ratpoinson
> I'm missing?
> Other than that, I like it.  ctrl-t is my friend.
> Paul
 	OK, I haven't been *completely* satisfied with ratpoison.  My 
tvout setup doesn't do overscan/underscan adjustments, so when an xterm is 
fullscreen I can't see the bottom line.  I've gotten around it by using 
the 'defpadding' option in ratpoison.  Haven't figured out how to get it 
in the .config for it, but I do this when I need to see the bottom of the 

ctrl-t, :
defpadding 20 20 20 20

I think it makes 'fullscreen' have 20 pixels less all the way around.


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