[mythtv-users] MythTV hangs pc

Søren Pingel Dalsgaard spd at mjolner.dk
Tue Dec 7 09:39:28 UTC 2004

> >I have mythtv running on my pc with a pvr250 but if I start 
> using menus 
> >(pressing m and navigating the tv programme) it will 
> suddenly hang the 
> >pc with the harddisk led on. Resetting the pc is the only way out of 
> >the dead-lock. I am running the ivtv 0.2.0-rc3 (0.3.1 does 
> the same to 
> >my system).
> I was having a similar problem at first. I finally figured 
> out that, for some reason, one of my two tuner cards was 
> using the same IRQ as the onboard Firewire ports. Apparently, 
> this massively confused ivtv, as I would get DMA errors, and 
> then ivtv would unregister the IRQ, which then caused the 
> Firewire driver to hang up the system.
> I solved the problem by moving the tuner card to another 
> slot. I'd suggest you look at the output of "lspci -v", to 
> see if there are things using the same IRQ as your PVR-250.

Thanks a lot. Before posting I actually tried removing sound cards, my other tuner card and my dxr3 -- still same problem. I also moved the card to a different slot and still same problem.

I didn't check the IRQ, though. I think I will try that and also go back to ivtv 0.1.9 as suggested by others.


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