[mythtv-users] ripping dvd grabs wrong audio track

Donovan Lashbrooke lashbrooke at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 06:00:50 UTC 2004

everytime I transcode a dvd to my video library using mythTV, the
incorrect audio track is encoded.

I have attempted this with many different dvd's and with encoding the
AC3 audio track option selected or deselected. On a dvd with 1
standard (ac3) audio track and 1 commentary (ac3) audio track i can
only select the 1 audio track to rip. which always is the wrong one!

Is there something obvious i am missing? Are both audio tracks still
encoded and there is someway in mplayer to say which audio track to

when i play the dvd normally through mythTV (optical discs --> play
dvd) it automatically plays the correct audio track, so it's not like
mythTV is unaware of it?

any help would be appreciated.

mythTV 0.16
built using guide + apt-get
Gefore FX5700 ultra
AC97 audio
PIV - 3Ghz

--(how many times can one man use the phrase "audio track" in an e-mail?)

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