[mythtv-users] nuvexport and file too big

Brian Stults bstults at crim.ufl.edu
Tue Dec 7 03:59:12 UTC 2004

I am actually having a problem with lvemux, which is called by mpeg2cut 
which is called by nuvexport when doing mpeg2->mpeg2.  The problem is 
that in order to run nuvexport, I need to ssh into the backend as root. 
  Apparently, although I am using jfs which allows file sizes much 
bigger than 2GB, the shell imposes the 2GB limit when root is logged in 
via su (or ssh).  From googling, it seems that the only solution is to 
login via root at the console, but that is not an easy option for me. 
Any other suggestions?


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