[mythtv-users] *Remote* remote control

Jason Ramey majordomo at permutation.org
Mon Dec 6 23:00:28 UTC 2004

Couldn't you use the built-in client/server architecture of LIRC to 
accomplish this? Have a local lircd or WinLIRC (which a quick google 
seems to verify will do it as well) server running with an IR receiver 
that connects to a lircd on your primary frontend. You said across the 
network so I assume you have a PC in the same room as the TV. I know for 
a fact that it works well lircd to lircd. I used a laptop's IR port 
connecting to the frontend across ethernet. The dicey part is whether 
WinLIRC supports it. My apologies if I misunderstood your intentions.

Jason Ramey
majordomo at permutation.org

Jonathan Markevich wrote:

> Here's another pie-in-the-sky request.
> Is there some kind of way I can control the frontend machine through 
> the network?  We're currently in a rather spread-out place, and 
> sometimes I'd like to watch tv and programs another floor away.  The 
> frontend and backend are all on the same machine, and the output from 
> that is piped all over the house.
> LIRC seems to be able to signal the app to do things, is there some 
> way to extend that even more?

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