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Steve Berryman steve at object4.net
Mon Dec 6 22:25:12 UTC 2004

On Thu, 2005-01-06 at 08:35 -0700, Brian LeFevre wrote:

> I don't like to crowd my inbox (at the ISP).  I am obliged to download 
> once a day (which is sometimes not likeley).  I have noticed it is a 
> pain in the butt to answer to digest mode.

i have to agree with you

> Most forums remember your passwords.  Most forums are as easy or even 
> easier to read than threaded mode in Thunderbird (threads are not 
> occasionaly broken).  Many inportant forums have been around for over 7 
> years.  How much of that  information is worth anything is a question to 
> many.  How many "I can't get sound threads" do we need!

i also think that a forum for this kind of stuff would be better. it
makes it easier to keep track of threads as well rather then trying to
sort all your email

> Another thing.  Why do people respond "that is in the FAQ" instead of 
> saying "that is already covered in the faq but here is the answer"?  It 
> takes about the same amount of time for you to answer (especially if you 
> already know the answer)  

its because when people ask the same question over and over again it
does get annoying. but i agree, if you know the answer you may as well
just send it with it.

> I hate hearing email lists are easier for me.  Because for me they are 
> not easier they are a pain in the butt!  The "for me" excuse doesn't cut it

you seem very self centred

> ---now that I got that off my shoulders....
> if gossamer threads did allow login and posting that would solve all of 
> our problems.  That would be the better for everybody solution.  You can 
> have your email and we can have forum!!!!!

i just dont see the advantages of mailing lists like this that are so
busy. if we had a forum, dvb posts could be in one section, patches
posted to another, and all things like that. how much easier would that
make things?! if you want to look at dvb posts you go to the dvb forum.
if you want to see all the patches you go to that place. 

just my 2c

Steve Berryman <steve at object4.net>

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