[mythtv-users] pcHDTV 3000 Which video card to use with

Brian Merrill bmerrill at sfcn.org
Mon Dec 6 22:19:01 UTC 2004

If memory serves me right, the GeForce4 MX are slightly newer than the 
Ti's, hence the added video acceleration, but only support a lower 
DirectX feature set, i.e. DirectX 7 whereas the GF4 Ti cards support a 
DirectX 8 feature set and are probably a little faster.  However, I 
would just buy a NVidia FX5200.  You could probably get one for close to 
the same price as a GeForce4 MX and you would have the benefit of a much 
faster card for gaming, a DirectX 9 feature set and the latest hardware 
video acceleration.

JBorn at harland.net wrote:

>I plan on making a myth box revolving around a pcHDTV 3000 card.  Which
>video card should I purchase to go along with it?
>>From the pcHDTV web site I see the following listed:
>Accelerated HDTV support with nVidia video cards.
>Accelerated IDCT and Motion Compensation with GeForce4 Mx cards
>Accelerated Motion Compensation with GeForce4 TI cards
>>From that list the GeForce4 Mx cards seem to offer the best combination and
>as  an  added  bonus are cheaper than the GeForce4 TI cards or am I reading
>that completely wrong?
>Would  this  recommendation  change  if I planned to dual boot to do gaming
>under windows?
>Thanks for your suggestions.
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