[mythtv-users] Native aRts?

Dean mythtv at deanandadie.net
Mon Dec 6 20:45:32 UTC 2004

Hello MythTV Users,

I am running KDE and want to take advantage of mythtv's native arts support.
I recompiled myth from a recent cvs update with arts enabled, but it is
non-obvious how to use arts once myth is installed.  Normal KDE sounds work
just fine, so arts is working.

In fact, since disabling OSS support, I do not get any sound out of the
frontend and it complains about the lack of usable audio devices.  When I first
instaled KDE I left arts out because I thought it would interfere with mythtv.
With OSS soupport compiled into mythtv I did get sound.

Once I saw that myth supports arts, I removed and re-compiled KDE with arts,
then mythtv with arts and no OSS.

Help.  Where do I set up arts?  Why doesn't alsa work?

I am running gentoo 2004-3 with alsa and arts added to make.conf.

My settings.pro file:

# Default audio output, OSS
#CONFIG += using_oss

# Native ALSA support
CONFIG += using_alsa
ALSA_LIBS = -lasound

# Native ARTS support
CONFIG += using_arts
ARTS_LIBS = -L/usr/kde/3.3/lib -ldl -lartsc -lpthread
EXTRA_LIBS += -L/usr/kde/3.3/lib -ldl -lartsc -lpthread
INCLUDEPATH += /usr/kde/3.3/include

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