[mythtv-users] Recording a tape to DVD

Brian Stults bstults at crim.ufl.edu
Mon Dec 6 13:57:23 UTC 2004

Cory Papenfuss wrote:
>>>  However, I thought I'd first check here to see if anyone had done
>>> something similar or had any clever ideas on improving my approach.  Any
>>> suggestions are welcome.
>> I am in exactly the same situation. I have a suitcase full of family
>> videos, and I plan to convert them to DVD. I have yet to come up with
>> an efficient and elegant method.
>     Ditto here (except I'm trying to record some old 8mm camcorder tapes 
> onto DVD *in time for* christmas!).
>     The problem with just doing a cat /dev/video0 > test.mpg is that 
> you'll have to set everything up manually (not a big deal).  The bigger 
> problem is that you'll have to make sure that mythtv doesn't try to use 
> the card while you're recording with it.
>     What I ended up doing is making a fake channel in the channel 
> lineup, and binding it to COMPOSITE in on the card.  Although there's no 
> programming information in it, I can schedule a manual recording.  If 
> there's 2 hours of footage to tape, I'd set it up to record 2:05 
> manually, hit play, and go do something else for awhile.
>     The biggest problem that I've had with doing this is recording 
> profiles.  I suspect I'm still a bit ignorant on how they work, but 
> adding another set of recording profiles certainly didn't do what I was 
> expecting.  Also, I haven't found how to choose a recording profile in 
> Manual scheduling, so I have to temporarily make the 'Default' profile 
> with the settings I want (704x480 @ 4500/6000 right now).

I do exactly the same as you to record VHS.  If you want to change the 
parameters of the recording (e.g. change the profile), you can first set 
up the manual record, then go into "recording priorities" or "fix 
conflicts" and edit the options there.

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