[mythtv-users] XF4.3.0 too slow for HDTV? (was BadAlloc)

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Mon Dec 6 08:44:00 UTC 2004

On Sunday 05 December 2004 18:56, John Goerzen wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 05, 2004 at 05:29:48PM -0800, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> > On Sunday 05 December 2004 12:30, nate s wrote:
> > > Yeah, onboard gfx suck, you'd be much better getting an AGP card (if
> > > your mobo has an agp slot that is.)  I'd just spend the the $40 on an
> > > nvidia 5200, avoiding two evils in one (onboard gfx, and ati drivers)
> >
> > However, I was able to play back HDTV adequately using an onboard gf4mx
> > w/the same processor. My current setup w/an FX 5200 is a bit smoother,
> > but the gf4mx wasn't anywhere near as bad as that once I got it working.
> > I did see similar behavior (fine for the first second or two, then
> > choppy), but that was actually an ALSA problem. ALSA 1.0.6 caused major
> > issues for me, which all went away both when downgrading to 1.0.5a and
> > bumping up to
> > 1.0.7.
> Weird.  I am running 2.6.7 stock, and thus have ALSA 1.0.4.  2.6.9 has
> 1.0.6, which sounds problematic.

I'm running a patched up 2.6.9 kernel with alsa 1.0.7 right now, I believe. I 
started out on a pretty stock 2.6.7 though.

> I suppose I could try disabling 
> sound and see what the picture does.  Do you have any more info on
> what the specific problem was?

On one of my 1080i stations, I got audio that sounded like it was underwater, 
unless I changed channels away from it then back to it, which of course, 
can't be done when watching a recording. I worked around this one by 
switching to native ALSA output and passing raw AC3 to my amp. Both my 720p 
stations behaved similarly to what you describe, a/v is fine for the first 
second, then went to hell. There were slight differences between running OSS 
eum and native ALSA (the audio chop was a bit different, but seemed to be the 
same problem). I fixed this one by changing ALSA versions. Both 1.0.5a on a 
2.6.7 kernel and 1.0.7 on a 2.6.9 kernel have behaved for me (or am I running 
1.0.6 on the 2.6.9 kernel now?...).

> Could it be related to sample rates or something like that?

*shrug* Beats me.

> Thanks AGAIN,

No problem again. ;-)

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jarod at wilsonet.com

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