[mythtv-users] Help with nforce2 sound?

Joseph Caputo jcaputo1 at comcast.net
Sun Dec 5 15:05:24 UTC 2004

Mark Wormgoor wrote:
> Hi,
>>Okay, I'm definitely scratching my head on this one...
>>I recently got a new Chaintech 7NIF2 mobo w/nForce2 (MCP) sound.
>>Everything's good, except no matter what I do I can't control the
>>volume!  I've tried the i810 OSS driver (what FC1 detected), and I've
>>also tried the nvsound.o module from Nvidia.  Both give me a mixer
>>device, but nothing I do seems to affect the line-out.  Luckily for me
>>the volume is 'stuck' at an acceptable volume :-)
>>Anybody have a clue?  If I get some time I'll try ALSA, but if I'm
>>getting sound then the mixer should work, neh?
> Go with Alsa.  The nforce chipset was never well supported under OSS
> (haven't used nvsound, so don't know).  I am now using Alsa and it's great
> with the nforce2 chipset.

Okay, this is getting even weirder, and it's not just Myth.  I'm now 
using ALSA, and still none of the mixer sliders (alsamixer) have any 
effect when playing *any* sound from *any* program.  The only thing that 
has any effect is muting the PCM output.  Anybody that's familiar with 
this mobo know if there's a BIOS or jumper setting that I've perhaps 
screwed up?


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