[mythtv-users] Viaexp + Alsa + Dolby + Spdif (RESOLVED)

Kevin Barsby kevin.barsby at hummingbird-it.com
Sun Dec 5 03:38:37 UTC 2004

To those interested parties...

I've long been trying to get the Dolby DTS sound out of Viaexp using the
Alsa driver, any searches on the net turn up my postings on various

Well I've finally got it going, using the following process:

I downloaded Vexp 3.02 from the http://sourceforge.net/projects/viaexp/

Follow in instructions in readme.txt with the following modification:
After running autogen.sh in the xine-lib dir, dive into src/audio_out
and edit the Makefile. The alsa stuff is commented out, run through and
remove the commenting out (simply search for alsa, and work your way
through the doc).

Then run make and then make install.

This makes Viaexp build the alsa audio plugin. The settings I had tried
in config "just worked":

Are they key ones, but I can send the config to anyone whose interested.

So there we go, I'm probably the only person on the planet still running
the via binary video drivers, but they do seem very solid with the setup
I've got. It's a shame support for them is being dropped in Myth but I
guess that's progress for you ;-)


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