[mythtv-users] Idea for faster channel surfing

Ross Campbell ross.campbell at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 03:11:01 UTC 2004

>         Playing games with pre-buffering is probably a waste of time.
> It's difficult to say where the person will go next (e.g. Change from
> watching Channel 5 with Ch+-, Fav+-, Prev, '61', etc).  A much more useful
> approach was discussed a few weeks ago.  It's possible (with an
> ivtv-device) to get both the MPEG2 streamand the YUV stream at the same
> time.  WatchTV could use the raw YUV data in screen overlay (i.e. just
> like xawtv), while still ringbuffering up the MPEG2 stream.  If you hit
> pause, it'll switch you to the recorded stream.  If you change channels,
> you'll only have to wait for the tuner card to sync to a new channel and
> spit out YUV data.... fairly quick.
>         Again, most people in the know enough to code this up don't care,
> and I don't blame them.  There are lots of other more important tweaks to
> make.  I wish I had time to play with it.

I think this idea is great!

Nearly all people (besides us, of course...) use about 4 buttons on
their TV remote. (1) Off/on, (2) *one* of the channel change buttons,
(3) volume up, (4) volume down

Fast livetv channel changing ability would certainly help people
transition *to* MythTV and would definitely boost the initial WAF of
MythTV. ...and more new users means more developers in training to
work on more important tweaks:)


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