[mythtv-users] Rename MythMusic files

Poobah poobah at techsquadron.com
Sat Dec 4 02:44:01 UTC 2004

Is there a front-end quick way to rename files and directories of
imported CD's?  FreeDB.org recognized 2 discs in a set with different
titles.  i.e.:
Is There Anybody Out There (cd 1)
The Wall Live - Is There Anybody Out There  [Disc 2]
If I do a "mv" to rename the directory, I'll have to do some form of a
"UPDATE ...SET filename='Is There Anybody Out There (cd 1)' WHERE
filename like 'The Wall Live *' " within mysql.  I could probably bang a
shell script together to do this if I need to.
Just wondering if there is a more WAF friendly way of doing it.
Mark Hanson
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