[mythtv-users] Return to main menu?

Ross Campbell ross.campbell at gmail.com
Sat Dec 4 02:36:53 UTC 2004

> Is there anyway to set a timeout, so that MythFrontend returns to the top
> menu if you leave it idle for X-minutes? 

That's a good question and would be a great feature to add to mythtv.
I know some people have been requesting and working on a mythtv
"screensaver" option - this would seem to dovetail nicely into any
work being done on that front.

To add to this, I would like to have mythtv options to do the following:

- bump back from any menu to main menu (with cursor on Watch TV) after
an inactivity time of something like 15 minutes

- bump out of LiveTV after an inactivity timeout of something like 8
hours. This would be helpful to stop unnecessary disk I/O writing
ringbuffer if nobody is watching TV and they leave it on.

- a "mythtv screensaver" configured to kick in when menu gets bumped
back to main menu. I would like to hit any key/button to return to
main menu, or have enter/select take me straight to live tv.

  - I'd like to use either "xscreesaver-command activate" or some
custom blanker. Personally, I'm very partial to the Really Slick
Screensavers (which can integrate into xscreensaver, btw) -
screeshots: http://rss-glx.sourceforge.net/screenshots.shtml

  - the option of doing slideshow as a screensaver or display of
mythweather as a screensaver

  - a limited system status screen with two options, Watch TV (big
font) and other (smaller). Doing anything other than hitting "enter"
takes you to main menu. On this limited system status screen, I'd want
to see the following information displayed  below the two options: (1)
Current recording status, (2) next scheduled recording, (3) available
disk space (4) some flag and message for any error conditions that
needs to be looked at - if no problems, show nothing.


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