[mythtv-users] Epia, MythTV, and a pile of confusion

Jarod Wilson jcw at wilsonet.com
Sat Dec 4 00:03:07 UTC 2004

On Friday 03 December 2004 14:37, Matt Picker wrote:
> Jarod,
> Thanks for the help all this way.  I think I am
> getting it figured out.  I am a Gentoo man so I just
> can't let myself go back to using RH.

Ah, okay, that does make the situation slightly different then. Though in 
theory, you should be able to simply install a stock xorg, then check out the 
unichrome stuff from cvs and build everything you need...

> It looks like 
> this ebuild for xorg contains the libXvMC stuff that I
> need for the hardware decoding and also the unichrome
> drivers.

...Though it sounds like the xorg-unichrome ebuild will suit you fine.

> It doesn't say if they are the 3d drivers or 
> not but if they aren't I won't cry about it.

The 3D driver is very recent, I'd venture a guess it isn't in there yet.

> What window manager would you recommend I use.  Part
> of the reason I want to redo this machine is because
> KDE was a beast for this machine.

Looks like you're rolling with fluxbox, that'll do fine. I've got both KDE and 
WindowMaker on mine. I use KDE on occasion, because I can actually alt-tab to 
a konsole and have it overlay video (good for debug/testing), but WM for 
actual production. KDE takes forever to load, but once its up, its up. WM 
launches in about .5 seconds.

Jarod C. Wilson, RHCE
jcw at wilsonet.com

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