[mythtv-users] Several General Questions

match at ece.utah.edu match at ece.utah.edu
Fri Dec 3 16:34:34 UTC 2004

On 2 Dec 2004 at 23:51, Ian Forde wrote:

> Heh.  I've had my Tivo go belly-up quite a few times.  When the original
> hard drive started failing, it would occasionally green-screen.  Then
> one day it just out-and-out died. ;)

Yes, and VCRs occasionally eat tapes...

Everything breaks. What would your mother do if her Tivo broke and you weren't 
around? She'd take it in to be serviced.

Now what would she do her MythTV box broke and you weren't around?

Just trying to make a point. I'll keep my MythTV, thank you very much! But if I list the 20 
people that are closest to me on a piece of paper, I don't see one of them that is a 
candidate for receiving a MythTV box, even if I stay around to keep it going for them.



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