[mythtv-users] Feature Suggestions (Tivo)

Kevin Hulse jedi at mishnet.org
Fri Dec 3 15:28:52 UTC 2004


     I am currently dabbling with MythTV and one thing that seems
conspicously absent is the "Wish List" feature available in more
recent versions of the Tivo system software. This would be a very
nice thing to add to Myth. It's one of those little killer features
that I would keep a Tivo around for.

     Star Trek -> Gets all Star Trek (movies, old series, new series)
     Stargate -> Gets Atlantis as well as SG-1
     Spielberg -> Gets anything from ET to Schindlers List

     Although, the current set of options for the 0.16 version of the
season pass eliminates much of the need for such a wishlist feature.
It always annoyed me that I couldn't set up a standard season pass on
a Tivo that would apply to all channels.
     This is especially inconvenient when moving or changing service

     Also, the DishTV set top boxes have this nasty habit of putting
you in a deadend condition if you select the wrong channel. This is
a problem with Tivo since it neither detects nor routes around this
problem. The Dish box is basically expecting human interaction contrary
to the automated responses from the Tivo.
     Tivo wants to spit out full channel numbers and the Dish box wants
to only get chan-up or chan-down. The end result is a bunch of trashed

     I was wondering if Myth has any "crash detection" or any other
methods to route around this sort of problem?

     For the Dish boxes, I suppose adding a chan-up command as a prefix
to any explicit channel input would suffice as a workaround.

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