[mythtv-users] Bandwidth requirements MPEG2

Martijn Coenen coenen at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 12:49:02 UTC 2004

Hello all,

I would like to run a mythtv frontend on my xbox. For some very
strange reason my Xbox nic will only work on 10 mbit hubs, for all 100
mbit hubs/switches I tried it fails autonegotation. I've tried
everything, but something must be wrong with the NIC.

Anyway, I read many topics about wireless connections to the
front-end, people complain that 802.11b ain't enough for frontend
(802.11b will boil down to 500/600 KB/s). However I cannot find the
actual bandwith requirements anywhere. I will be able to provide a
sustained 10 mbit feed (around 900 KB/s) to the frontend, do you guys
think it will suffice for average mpeg2 (4000 kbit)?  I know the
numbers say it should suffice, but practice is too often different
from reality.


Martijn Coenen

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