[mythtv-users] Running ePSXe with command line option in mythgame

Ketut Putu Kumajaya kumajaya at bluebottle.com
Fri Dec 3 09:19:01 UTC 2004

You can run ePSXe with command line option in mythgame.

- ePSXe 1.6.0
- Pete's MesaGL Driver 1.75 for video plugin.
- P.E.Op.S. OSS Audio Driver 1.8 for sound plugin.
- ammoQ's padJoy Joy Device Driver 0.8 for first parallel gamepad 
- xjoypad for second parallel gamepad (/dev/input/js1).
- a ps game iso-image.

You need xjoypad because ePSXe only read one gamepad and with xjoypad you 
can control mythTV with gamepad/joystick.

http://www.ngemu.com/ will help you to do this.
Try to search "ePSXe on Linux HOWTO" with google for ePSXe guide (I miss 
this link, but I'am sure still exists).

If all settings is OK and a game can run on ePSXe, try edit your 
gamelist.pc to run ePSXe command line option (epsxe -nogui -loadiso 
<your_iso_image>). Do Scan for New Game in mythgame setting, your ps game 
will appear in mythgame pc system. Ready for playing...

To resolve gamepad problem, read Linux kernel joystick related 
documentation and xjoypad README carefully.
If everything is OK, you can try to control mythTV with your second 
gamepad. xev command will help you to get mythTV shortcut keycode. Use it 
to xjoypad command line options.

Finally, you must edit /etc/rc.d/rc.local to make all active and running 
on booting.

#remove parallel printer module if exists
/sbin/rmmod lp
/sbin/modprobe gamecon map=0,7,0,0,7,0
/sbin/modprobe joydev

#I will post complete xjoypad options tommorow, sorry...
/usr/local/bin/xjoypad -device /dev/input/js1

Be carefull for ps emulator legal issue.

Ketut P. Kumajaya

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