[mythtv-users] XvMC channel change freezes front-end

Simon Glynn sglynn at urban.net.au
Thu Dec 2 23:00:53 UTC 2004

Well I have a stop-gap solution to this that worked for me.

What I've done is modified the osd display theme, to have 0 steps in its fadeout. For my system, I'm running blueosd (default for Knoppmyth), so the file I had to modify was /usr/share/mythtv/themes/blue/blueosd.xml and change the number of "steps" from 30 to 0 (it's somewhere near the top of the file, sorry I'm not in front on my mythbox at the moment). 

This causes the OSD to switch off rather than fade after the display time. Seems to work without freezing the FE. 

Next problem: I've got a 4:3 TV, and since most SD digital TV is coming in as 16:9 , I'll probably run a default 16:9 zoom aspect ratio, which cuts off the edges of the OSD as they scale with the image. I might hack the theme to sit within the 4:3 boundaries unless anyone has an already hacked theme they can post?


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