[mythtv-users] Idea for faster channel surfing

Russ Dill russ.dill at gmail.com
Thu Dec 2 22:44:07 UTC 2004

> I had an idea about how the delay might be reduced when changing
> channels.  In a 2+ tuner system, can one tuner "leapfrog" the other and
> start buffering the next or previous channel, depending on the direction
> the user is surfing?
> For example, I start at channel three.
> Tuner two starts buffering channel four.
> I go to channel four and start reading the buffer.
> Tuner 1 starts buffering channel five.

I always thought that would be cool. It would also be cool if you
could do channel "flipping", ie, watch two shows at once, and when you
flip between them, it pauses the other show. Even better? Make it
transparent that something is being recorded when flipping channels.
(ie, if you have two tuners, and both are recording, you could flip
between them like they were the only two channels available)

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