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travis eddy boscotwo at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 2 21:31:36 UTC 2004

my qustion is answered!!!! lol
thanks so much!!!!

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>On Thu, 02 Dec 2004 20:47:10 +0000, travis eddy <boscotwo at hotmail.com> 
> > well is it possable to make a DVD thats playable in DVD players with 
> > thats mpeg4 or RTjepg? thats bascily my goal.
>Yes, it is possible.
>You have to:
>1) export the files to DVD-compliant MPEG2 files
>2) author a DVD using those MPEG2 files
>3) burn the DVD
>You can use nuvexport to accomplish #1.
>You can use dvdauthor, DVDstyler, or 'Q' DVD Author to accomplish #2.
>You can use k3b (or other burning app) to accomplish #3.
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