[mythtv-users] Really strange problem with playback

Ben Newman ben at ultraswank.com
Thu Dec 2 20:26:50 UTC 2004

I'm getting this really odd problem that I'm at a loss as to what's 
causing it.  Randomly, when watching a show not in real time, the 
recording will suddenly display a bunch of compression artifacting and 
then skip back an hour or so while still claiming that it's showing 
the recording at the original delay time.  Any attempt to fast forward or 
rewind it usually causes the system to freeze up and require a reboot. 
This just popped up recently after we moved to a new apartment.  I thought 
it might be some kind of disk error, but I've run a bunch of tests and 
they all come back clean.  I'm not sure if this happens watching 
recordings, as we have yet to get it so the myth box can control our 
direct tv box so we've only been watching live tv.  Any ideas what might 
be wrong?

-Ben Newman

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