[mythtv-users] Several General Questions

Will egroups at klubbing.com
Thu Dec 2 19:53:56 UTC 2004

>> This may be a stupid question, but how stable and 'transparent' is 
>> mythTV? Stability is big issue as I won't be around to fix it if 
>> something breaks. What I mean by transparent is how intuitive it is I 
>> guess.  My mom (not a techie) will be the primary user and it needs to be 
>> usable for her.
> I think you will find times when it freezes up, for example, and may 
> require a reboot. However you should be able to configure something nice 
> and easy there like the on/off button doing a controlled reboot. Also, 
> it's possible to accidentally exit mythfrontend and end up in KDE so you'd 
> probably want to set up a key on the remote to fire up mythfrontend again.

In the general settings page you can turn the system exit key off (at least 
in latest CVS), so hopefully that shouldn't be needed. (Just mentioning it 
incase you've had to set up such a key without knowing this).

Definitely makes it more of a chore to close when you want it to though!


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