[mythtv-users] RGB Output?

Mark Wormgoor mark at wormgoor.com
Thu Dec 2 09:55:26 UTC 2004


>> You can get at the RGB signal of most any video card through the VGA
>> connector.  In fact, I believe you can even get pre-made VGA to
>> SCART-RGB adapters.
> I haven't found any pre-made adaptors other than full scan convertors
> which hopefully shouldn't be necessary. There are several recipes for
> rolling it yourself on the web though, complete with sync combiner
> circuits if necessary.

Well, I've made one myself, but soldering a vga plug is definitely not
fun.  It would be very nice if pre-made vga-scart rgb cables existed, but
I've searched for them for weeks and finally gave up.

>> As far as for providing low line rate and interlaced output, I believe
>> that most any card can do that if you can find the right modeline.
> That's good to know - at least one of the pages I found suggested
> that many might not be able to.

There should be no problems with recent ATI or NVidia cards.  I use a
Radeon 9200SE because it has composite sync, but NVidia should be fine as
well.  Don't know about Matrox, S3, Intel or older cards though.

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